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Book Your Stay for Illuminate Film Festival, Alma de Sedona Inn

Book Your Stay for Illuminate Film Festival


March 23, 2017

Book Your Stay for Illuminate Film Festival

Book Your Stay for Illuminate Film Festival, Alma de Sedona Inn

Posted by: Lori Reinhold

The Illuminate Film Festival is a unique festival that focuses on showcasing inspiring stories that challenge the human experience. The goal of the festival is to inspire viewers to lead more enlightened lives and be more conscious of the world and other people around us. Each year, this festival is held right here in Sedona, running in 2017 from May 31 to June 4.

The tales of these human journeys fall into six categories: mind and science, body and nutrition, nature and sustainability, arts and creative expression, and the human journey – both for individuals and relationships. These categories are part of the overall concept of human wellness and how we should each challenge ourselves to become not just better people, but better parts of our ecosystem and communities.

Festival Events

The festival kicks off with the launch party and outdoor screening, which will be held from 6:30-9:30 p.m. May 31 at The Collective Sedona. All you need to do is bring a blanket and enjoy an outdoor screening! It’s open to the community. Guests can enjoy the food vendors, musicians, vendors and performance artists along with raffles and an outdoor screening – the perfect kickoff to the festival.

The following night, June 1, there is an official opening night reception for badgeholders from 8:30- 11 p.m. It will be a quaint gathering of people who wanted to gather and celebrate the journey through mind-body-spirit. The reception and opening night screening leads right into a late night option for VIPs, filmmakers and All-Access passholders to enjoy drinks and discussion late into the evening.

Festivalgoers will also be able to soak in the Sedona experience on Friday night, June 2. From 9:30 p.m. to midnight, an outdoor program – Sedona Experience – will be held outdoors under the star-filled skies to experience the natural sights and sounds of this remarkable region. Finally, on the last night of the festival – June 3 – a large celebration and party will be held from 9:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. for all badgeholders, with an evening full of revelry and appreciation of the weekend.

Unique Features

One of the more unique features of this festival is the healing lounge. In between viewing films, visitors can gather in this area to relax and unwind. You can have a relaxing massage or you can enjoy a quick Reiki session. There is also “conscious café” that has healthier menu options. The healing lounge even has a virtual reality zone. This new experience exposes guests to the possibilities of VR with a film shot in 3D holographic virtual reality. Last year featured an underwater film, and the theme for 2017 has yet to be announced, though guests can expect another immersive and realistic experience unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.


If you are interested in purchasing passes for the festival, we would recommend purchasing them now. The early bird pricing ends April 5. The All-Access pass is currently available for $349, while the Conscious Film Convergence pass is priced at $249. The Convergence pass offers guests unlimited access to film industry festival panels, access to the VIP gatherings, tickets to three film screenings of their choice and a priority ticking period. The All-Access pass has all of these features as well, but includes unlimited film screenings as well as priority theater access and an invitation to the VIP launch party.

Looking to plan a trip to Sedona for the Illuminate festival? At the Alma de Sedona Inn, we have a wide variety of rooms and rates that will fit your needs and your budget for the festival. The festival is only a few months away, so now is the time to make sure to plan your trip and take advantage of early-bird pricing for tickets and our available rooms. The inn is just a short distance from the festival venues, making it the perfect place to start and end your days, providing comfort and convenience while you enjoy a weekend of illuminating cinema. Check out our room packages online now or call us today at 928-282-2737 to learn more.

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Book Your Stay for Illuminate Film Festival, Alma de Sedona Inn