Spirituality, Alma de Sedona Inn
Spirituality, Alma de Sedona Inn

With its incredible Red Rock Views!

Labyrinth, Medicine Wheel and Spirituality At Alma de Sedona

At Alma de Sedona, we have created an atmosphere that allows you to experience the spirituality of Sedona in a tranquil setting. On the grounds of our boutique Bed and Breakfast, we have created serene settings for both our labyrinth and our medicine wheel. These sites are open to the public. We choose to share them with all who wish to experience what they have to offer.

The Labyrinth at Alma de Sedona: Find out what a labyrinth is, its roots, and how to utilize the labyrinth at Alma de Sedona.

The Medicine Wheel at Alma de Sedona: Find out what a medicine wheel is, its roots, and how to utilize the medicine wheel at Alma de Sedona.

The Vortexes of Sedona: Find out what a vortex is, its roots, and how to utilize the vortex sites in Sedona.

The Spiritual Side of Sedona – Sedona’s world-wide reputation as a spiritual Mecca and global power spot has drawn some of our planet’s most amazing healers, intuitives, artists and spiritual guides. Come to Mother Nature’s red-rock temples to experience their life-transforming, soul-nourishing work in person. Sedona is a perfect place for spiritual and personal enrichment of the body and the soul.

What Makes Sedona so Special? – The majestic red rock scenery and evergreen vegetation are two reasons for the unique energy of Sedona and its tangible regenerative and inspirational effects. The red-orange color of the rock is one of the most neuro stimulating of colors. It enhances creative thinking and problem solving. Because Sedona is framed year round by green, visitors are also bathed in sense of hope and renewal, regardless of the season. The spectacular trails and overlooks provide numerous opportunities for prayer, and contemplation.

Sedona is also internationally known for the uplifting power of its Vortex meditation sites. Two aspects of those sites make Sedona truly special.  First within a very small geographical radius you can easily access all the different types of vortexes:

Up flow/masculine/electric


Combination /electromagnetic, etc.

Second, the Vortex sites are interwoven with the real world of a growing city.

As a result, seekers have experiences in how to live their spirituality as they go through their daily lives. Rather than having to escape from civilization to find peace, visitors discover that Sedona’s splendor gives them insights for how to create an Inner harmony they can maintain once at home.

The Spirit of the Land – The natural beauty of Sedona is extraordinary from any perspective, but the closer you get, the deeper your experience will be. Special Sedona guides can transport you through the physical landscape and into the heart of the wild. Let the spirits of the land speak to you. Our Native brothers and sisters are sharing their tribal wisdom, showing us how to live in harmony with the earth and all our relations. Some of the most profound spiritual experiences in Sedona are to be found out on the land.

Sedona Vortexes Made Simple – Sedona Vortex sites are popular tourist attractions. What are these Sedona vortexes? Vortex sites are enhanced energy locations that facilitate prayer, meditation, mind/body healing, and exploring your relationship with your soul and the divine. They are neither electric nor magnetic (although these words are often used to describe the vortexes, along with the other nomenclature such as masculine or feminine sites). The explanation for vortexes lies more at the boundaries of known science, rather than in electromagnetic descriptions or gender related labels.

Our Labyrinth

What is a Labyrinth? – Many people think a labyrinth is a type of a maze. It is not. When you enter a maze, there is one way in and another way out. A maze keeps you guessing about what the correct direction is to take and where it will lead you. In a maze one must be mindful of the ‘traps’ that are presented and be observant of where you have been and where you are headed.

A labyrinth is an ancient walking meditation and spiritual space based on sacred geometry and date back over 4,000 years. Labyrinths are located all over the world built from many materials (grass, bamboo stumps, rocks, painted on concrete, printed on canvas, etc.) In the labyrinth, there is only one path in and the same path leading out. The labyrinth allows a person to let their mind focus on important life and lesson questions and you peacefully walk your way to the sacred center. One does not have to focus on which direction to take, as there is only one. More importantly, there is not right or wrong. In a labyrinth, you just trust that the path will lead you to the answers you seek.

The Medicine Wheel at Alma de Sedona: Find out what a medicine wheel is, its roots, and how to utilize the medicine wheel at Alma de Sedona.

Labyrinths belong to the family of “Mandalas” (Sanskrit for “circle that contains the Essence”). They guard, activate and amplify the spiritual energies of a place so that people who walk it can experience a feeling of grace, peace or holiness in their heart, soul and spirit.

Labyrinths can be found in all sacred cultures of the world, from the Hopi to the Australian Aborigines to the Christian cathedral builders. Like mandalas, labyrinths are archetypal collective symbols that transcend all cultures because they are grounded in consciousness itself. Labyrinths are non-denominational: people who walk labyrinths come from all life styles, religious backgrounds and spiritual practices.

The labyrinth at Alma de Sedona is a 7 circuit labyrinth.  It is said that the 7 circuits may represent the days of the week, the seven chakras or energy centers, or the seven colors of the rainbow. Our guests are intrigued by our labyrinth and many have left small mementos on the rocks . It is a mini-pilgrimage into your own Self, an open invitation and a guide to encounter Who You Are.

Our Medicine Wheel

Allow us to take you on a spiritual journey to experience a Medicine Wheel ceremony. We built a Medicine Wheel at Alma de Sedona Bed and Breakfast and are offering private ceremonies to enhance your Sedona vacation.

Many people, who come to Sedona, seem to resonate with Native American teachings as they are based on understanding our connection to a living Earth where humans are but a part. These teachings bring our awareness of blending the spiritual into the workings of our everyday life.

The Sedona area has become a true melting pot of people where the sacred tools of different cultures have become available for others to explore their spirituality. One such tool is the Medicine Wheel.

The Medicine Wheel is a ceremony with Native American roots, but we believe its teachings are timeless and can be applied to living in our modern world by anyone with intentions of self- discovery, healing, spiritual understanding and/or reconnecting to the Earth.

The Medicine Wheel is full of symbolism as it consists of an equidistant cross within a circle. The circle represents the wholeness and unity of all life and, as we step inside the circle, we come into relationship with all life. This realization of Inner unity is an important aspect of the healing process as it dissolves the idea of separation. As we establish a sacred bond with life around us the signs and omens omnipresent in nature come alive always sharing with us where we are on our path. Life thus becomes more profound and meaningful. The circle has no beginning and no end so that it becomes a symbol of constant change and a realization of being able to flow with the energies of life that exist all around us.

The equidistant cross represents the search for balance as we attempt to reconcile the opposites of life – masculine/feminine, night/day, Heaven/ Earth, etc. When we are able to integrate the dualities of life we are then able to come to a place of acceptance for the perfection inherent in our nature and in others.

The cross divides the circle into four equal quadrants each represented by a season, direction, element, color, animal totem and aspect of being human.

East: spring, air element, yellow, eagle, child, spiritual aspect

South: summer, fire element, red, coyote, teenager, emotional aspect

West: fall, water element, blue/black, bear, adult, mental aspect

North: winter, earth element, white, buffalo, elder, physical aspect

From these teachings we can get a true barometer as to what energies are at work with you and the ways you can flow with those energies into balance. You will be able to recognize what strengths you utilize on your path and also what may be blocking you from creating the life you desire. True healing occurs when we are able to recognize and accept all parts of ourselves and integrate them into wholeness.

We will begin our ceremony by introducing the use of the healing herb, sage, which helps us to cleanse away old, unwanted energy and opens the door to the spiritual world where all life is interconnected. We will then place ourselves in a wheel position from which we will share with you the teachings of each quadrant and allow some reflection time to see how the teachings intersect with where you are on our path. We will also share stories on the Native American spirituality of the Sedona area.

Come join us to experience sacred ceremony in Sedona and open yourself to the spiritual journey within.

Sedona Vortexes

In the beginning of Sedona there was the word and that word was vortex. One word with so many different viewpoints. People come from all over the world just to experience the power of Sedona encapsulated, to many, in one word – vortex. “What is a vortex?” “Where do I find one?” “What am I supposed to feel?” I used to think that I had an answer for people, but, in my experience, I have found but one truth: there is no single, right answer when it comes to exploring vortexes.

Today our times are dominated by the concepts of science and logic where, if we can measure, taste, see or quantify something, then it must be true.  Science would have us believe that there is nothing special going on at sacred places like Sedona because they can’t measure anything quantifiable with their instruments but I offer a fact for consideration: many people have deep, profound spiritual experiences while in Sedona. Spiritual experiences that are personal and unique defying the limits of our minds.

I’m sure nearly everyone who reads this has experienced moments of peace, clarity or oneness at least once in their lives. That is what “vortex” is about. It could happen in nature, church, in your backyard, etc.

So don’t limit yourself to the fact that you have to go to one the spots marked on a map or in a book. Trust yourself and find the places, wherever they are, that speak most clearly to you.

Some people come here wanting to go through the vortex drive thru, order the vortex happy meal from a pre-selected menu and gobble it down as they race out of town to tell their friends how tasty it was. Instead of searching for the “the right place or the exact feeling”, allow yourself to get out on the land, relax your mind and let the power of such a beautiful place wash over you. Put your camera away and allow yourself to feel the benefit of being in Sedona. That feeling is something you can truly capture and take home with you. I believe that power is what some people have come to realize as a vortex.

But all that aside, there are some avenues that we can explore in an attempt to justify the power of Sedona. First of all, Sedona is home to a unique geology of rocks with quartz, iron and volcanic formed basalt which are typically found in sacred sites all over the world.

Secondly, many people would agree that nature exerts a therapeutic effect on our lives and Sedona is surrounded by nearly two million acres of national forest. Last, Native Americans have long believed that Sedona is sacred ground and that the creation story of their ancestors has its roots in Sedona. They will say that Sedona is a place where the veils between the physical and spiritual worlds are thin.

So, no matter if you come to Sedona looking for peace, natural wonder, personal answers, spiritual growth or spaceships, Sedona, with all its stunning rocks and desert landscape, provides the perfect backdrop from which we can search for the answer to that oft asked question: “What is a vortex?”

– Kurt Raczynski –

You may learn more about Kurt Raczynski and explore the spirituality and sacredness of Sedona by visiting his Inner Journeys website.

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Spirituality, Alma de Sedona Inn