Hit the Trails and Hike the Sights of Arizona, Alma de Sedona Inn

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Hit the Trails and Hike the Sights of Arizona, Alma de Sedona Inn

Hit the Trails and Hike the Sights of Arizona


February 17, 2017

Hit the Trails and Hike the Sights of Arizona

Hit the Trails and Hike the Sights of Arizona, Alma de Sedona Inn

Posted by: Lori Reinhold

Sedona is an oasis in the desert of Arizona, and for those who enjoy exploring nature, there are many activities that can be done in the area. There are many public parks offering access to the incredible scenery of the region, so it should be no wonder that Sedona is an incredibly popular destination for hiking. Let’s take a look at some of the best hiking trails in the area for you to explore during your stay at the Alma de Sedona Inn.

Soldiers Pass Trail

The Soldiers Pass trail is almost in the middle of town, in between Thunder Mountain (Capitol Butte) and Brins Ride. This particular trail has a lot of interesting sights for hikers, as Hiking in Sedona notes, as it winds past the area’s biggest sinkhole, goes next to the “Seven Sacred Pools” and winds by a lot of creeks. This trail then extends all the way up to top of Brins Ridge.

Thunder Mountain Trail

Located just 10 minutes from the Alma de Sedona, the trailhead for Thunder Mountain trail opens up four options for hikers to explore. Lower Chimney Rock is about a mile that can easily be walked in half an hour, while the Upper Chimney Rock Loop spans about a mile and a half in an hourlong moderate hike. The main trail runs straight in an easy to moderate walk that eventually connects to Tea Cup and on to Soldier’s Pass trail, allowing hikers to plan out a daylong adventure.

Brins Mesa Trail

The actual Brins Mesa trail runs close to the aforementioned trail, but takes hikers on a path along Wilson Mountain, the highest area in Sedona. The trail then leads to a mesa, rising 500 feet in elevation to provide a view of Mormon Canyon and Soldiers Pass. If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can extend your trip by taking the Chuck Wagon trail to our next entry, Devil’s Bridge trail, making a more than 11 mile round trip hike.

Devil’s Bridge Trail

Devil’s Bridge is one of the more interesting natural features in Sedona, Arizona. This hike is short – roughly 3 miles round trip – but if well worth the time. This trail takes hikers to cross the Devil’s Bridge, a red rock arch formation that provides spectacular views and a truly unique experience. This trail is often considered one of the top five trails to hike, so whether you pair it with the Brins Mesa hike or make it a standalone trip, you will not be disappointed.

West Fork

West Fork may be the most well-known trail in Sedona, and one of the top 10 in the nation, says Sedona Hiking Trails. This is considered to be a fairly easy hike, but does have many stream crossings – at least 13 – which means you can expect to get your feet wet. The main trail runs for six miles round trip, leading to a pool surrounded by cliffs, with adventurous hikers able to continue onward for 11 more miles upstream in an overnight trip that requires wading, swimming and hopping across boulders to reach the terminus.

If you’re looking to take on some of the hiking trails of scenic Arizona, make sure you get a good night’s rest by staying at the Alma de Sedona Inn. Trails are all within a few miles of our location in Sedona, with some accessible within a short walk. Let us know where you’re planning on going and we can even help you plan out your travels during your trip. Make reservations for four or more consecutive nights during our Spring Fling special from March 4 to May 31 and receive a discounted rate of $99 for your room on the fourth night. Make reservations online now or call us today at 928-282-2737 to learn more.

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Hit the Trails and Hike the Sights of Arizona, Alma de Sedona Inn