Take a Scenic Route to the Grand Canyon, Alma de Sedona Inn

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Take a Scenic Route to the Grand Canyon, Alma de Sedona Inn

Take a Scenic Route to the Grand Canyon


April 13, 2017

Take a Scenic Route to the Grand Canyon

Take a Scenic Route to the Grand Canyon, Alma de Sedona Inn

Posted by: Lori Reinhold

When many of our guests come to the Alma de Sedona Inn, not only are they looking for a lovely stay at a fabulous inn, but they are also interested in seeing the magnificent Grand Canyon.

We’ll let you in on a little inn-sider knowledge: There is a unique route that you can take to the Grand Canyon that will not only let you see some of the beautiful sites throughout the state, but will also give you more time to enjoy them.

The route is basically a semi-loop road starting north of Flagstaff. More detailed driving instructions can be found below, but the route basically takes you past some of the classic tourist attractions that we are most proud of.

The first attraction that you will see is the famous Sunset Crater. Here, you can gaze upon one of the youngest in a string of volcanoes that you can get close to using the surrounding trails. You can even see some of the hardened lava from past eruptions.

The next stop on your path will be the Wupatki Ruins. This is the place to be to see some of the most historic Native American ruins in the world. Sights here include the Wupatki Ruin Ball Court, the Box Canyon Ruins and the Wupatki Ruin Panorama, among other impressive sights. The ruins are also home to the still-unexplained “blow hole” phenomenon. This seemingly innocuous square hole is actually connected to a vast series of underground cracks that store and absorb air depending on the barometric pressure, according to Arizona Oddities. As a result, the hole – called “Yaaponsta” or “the Wind Spirit” by descendants of the Hopi tribe that built the structures – can blow out or suck in air with incredible force depending on weather conditions.

Next up is the Cameron Historic Trading Post. This fun little stop includes a nifty little museum which is home to hundreds of pieces of Native American art, plus a tasty little restaurant for your lunch fix and a gift shop with many different knickknacks to remember your trip by. Once you are done at the trading post, you will continue on your way until you hit the East Gate of the Grand Canyon, which of course is its own adventure.

This special route holds offers many advantages for tourists. Not only does it show you the best sites, but it is also a secret that many people don’t know much about. Plus, using this approach to get to the canyon, you will be traveling against the heaviest traffic, so you are looking at up to two additional hours of sightseeing time instead of spending time stuck in the car.

Detailed Directions

Starting from I-40 in Flagstaff, take exit 201 (Country Club Road). At the top of the ramp, make a left and follow the road for about a mile until you hit Route 89. Go right at this intersection and travel for approximately 20 miles to Sunset Crater on the right. This will take you onto the “loop” road. There is also a small Forest Ranger station with information about the crater. Driving further on, you will come across a rest area where you can actually get out and take a short hike. Further on, you’ll find yourself on the tail end of the Painted Desert.

Having access to the best routes to the Grand Canyon is only one of the many reasons why you absolutely need to stay with us at the Alma de Sedona Inn. A stay here includes some of the most comfortable beds and delicious food in the area, as well as some of the most stunning views you will get in Arizona. Plan your trip to see the sights of Copper State and reserve a room online now or call us today at 928-282-2737.

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Take a Scenic Route to the Grand Canyon, Alma de Sedona Inn