6 Fascinating Facts about Sedona, Alma de Sedona Inn

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6 Fascinating Facts about Sedona, Alma de Sedona Inn

6 Fascinating Facts about Sedona


June 3, 2019

6 Fascinating Facts about Sedona

6 Fascinating Facts about Sedona, Alma de Sedona Inn

Posted by: Lori Reinhold

Fun Fact: Sedona is one of the coolest places in the world, but you didn’t need us to tell you that. Whether you’re looking to stay in Sedona for a while or you’re just passing through town, you’re probably curious about this magical place in the middle of Arizona. For such a small town, there sure is a lot to know, so here are 6 fascinating facts about Sedona to get you up to speed.

Sedona has multiple energy vortexes.
I am sure you might have come across a couple of sites by now mentioning the energy vortexes in Sedona. For centuries people have witnessed their powerful energy and have traveled to Sedona to bask in the presence of these vortexes. To learn more about Sedona’s Energy Vortex’s read about our Spirituality at the Inn.

Sedona’s McDonalds is the only McDonalds in the world to have green arches.
Sedona is home to the only McDonald’s arch in the world that isn’t yellow. It's actually more of a turquoise color. Pretty odd right? Turns out that when McDonald's moved into the area, the city officials thought that the golden yellow color of the arches would distract from the natural beauty of the area and decided that turquoise would compliment the surrounding red rock a little bit better. 26 years later and these arches are their own destination inside of Sedona!

Sedona is home to an all-natural rock waterslide.
One of the only natural waterslides in the world resides right here in Arizona. Slide Rock State Park just north of Sedona is truly unlike any other park around. Carved by the water in Oak Creek, the natural sandstone makes a perfect slippery slide to glide down on a hot Arizona day.

Sedona is surrounded by beautiful red rock walls.
Sedona’s iconic red rock walls are truly unique to the area. The walls consist of nine different layers of stone and were formed over millions of years, even long before the dinosaurs walked the land. The red color? Iron! Iron Oxide formed on the individual grains of the rocks to create the beautiful rust color Sedona is famous for.

Sedona is rich in Native American culture.
Native American culture is rich and alive in Sedona. The cultural energy of this magical place isn’t entirely due to the energy vortexes, the rich Native American history has a huge part in it. Check out our previous blog post Our Favorite Historical Sites In & Around Sedona to see our guide to these historical sites.

Sedona is a creative haven!
Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Sedona? Sedona is so rich in art, history, and beauty it should be on the list! Art is everywhere, from the Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village to street vendors and art galleries dispersed among the city. Want to see some historical art? The Palatki Indian Ruins are home to pictographs and petroglyphs galore! Are you interested in handmade, delicately crafted jewelry? Sedona is the spot to find silver necklaces, turquoise rings, and colorful earrings you’ll never want to take off. (Insider tip: Kachina House has some of the best authentic Native American jewelry, crafts, and art! Plus guests of the Alma de Sedona receive 10% off!) Try one of the local restaurants where chefs express themselves in rich flavors and drink some award-winning wine from Sedona’s wineries. Sedona exudes passion and there are creative outlets everywhere. If you’re visiting Sedona it is really quite easy to take in all the creative energy embedded in this beautiful place, and if you’re really motivated, pick up some supplies and join the movement!

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6 Fascinating Facts about Sedona, Alma de Sedona Inn