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April 22, 2018

Our Favorite Arizona National Parks (That Aren’t the Grand Canyon)

Posted by: Lori Reinhold The Grand Canyon is the most famous National Park in Arizona. One of the seven wonders of the natural world, it receives more than 5 million visitors per year and is a bucket list destination for people from all across the world. Though the Grand Canyon gets all the glory, there …

April 27, 2018

A Local’s Guide to Dining in Sedona

Posted by: Lori Reinhold For dinner with a view, there is no better place than Sedona. Many of the restaurants in town offer the perfect combination of great food with great views of the surrounding red rock cliffs. From the bold & varied flavors of the American Southwest to inventive takes on French or Italian …

May 17, 2018

Our Favorite Sedona Tours

Posted by: Lori Reinhold Guided tours are one of the best ways to explore the parts of a place you might not see on your own. Sedona is home to many world-class tour operators committed to helping you travel deeper and see the world from a new perspective, whether that is from a hot air …

May 30, 2018

The Most Striking Vistas in Red Rock Country

Posted by: Lori Reinhold Do you want to soak in Sedona’s beautiful scenery without having to take a long hike in the stifling desert heat? Lucky for you, there are many breathtaking viewpoints in and around Sedona that you can reach with little to no extra strain. You can arrive at the following viewpoints via …

July 28, 2018

A Wellness Lover’s Guide to Sedona

Posted by: Lori Reinhold The red rocks of Sedona, Arizona are rumored to hold mystical, transformative powers. Wellness seekers from all across the world flock to Sedona to absorb its healing energies and restore themselves amongst the region’s unparalleled natural beauty. Because of this, Sedona has developed thriving spirituality and wellness industries. It is even …

August 8, 2018

The Perfect 48 Hours in Sedona

Posted by: Lori Reinhold You could spend weeks in Sedona and still be discovering its countless wonders. However, if you are only here for two days, don’t fear. It is possible to get a taste of the best that Sedona has to offer in only 48 hours. To help you plan the perfect weekend trip …

August 8, 2018

Flagstaff: The Ultimate Sedona Day Trip

Posted by: Lori Reinhold Flagstaff is the perfect day trip from Sedona. Located less than an hour’s drive away from the Alma de Sedona Inn, this thriving mountain town boasts a fascinating pioneer past and endless ways to explore the great outdoors. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, Flagstaff is nestled inside the world’s largest ponderosa …

August 25, 2018

Our Favorite Historical Sites in Sedona

Posted by: Lori Reinhold Sedona, Arizona is a place of both rich history and incredible natural beauty. Often times, you can experience both in one place. Whether you visit ancient Native American dwellings built into soaring red rock cliffs or historic forts and mansions, you will be amazed by both the stories you hear and …

September 5, 2018

Our Favorite Hikes in the Coconino National Forest

Posted by: Lori Reinhold The Coconino National Forest is a beautiful 1.856-million acre forest surrounding the thriving cities of Sedona and Flagstaff. Many consider it one of the most diverse national parks in the entire country. The terrain ranges from gorgeous red rock canyons to dense ponderosa pine forests, from miles of southwestern desert to …

September 15, 2018

Our Guide to Shopping in Sedona

Posted by: Lori Reinhold Pack light when you come to Sedona because you’ll likely be returning home with your suitcases full. Sedona is an incredible place to shop, even if you don’t consider yourself a big shopper. Our favorite thing about shopping in Sedona is that you can buy things here that you simply can’t …

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